QUEEN WHITE is a proudly Filipino-owned brand with a line of world-class quality products.

Founded in March 2018 by Ms. Sarah Vidi Payno Mercado, QUEEN WHITE began with the dream of offering high-quality skincare products at budget-friendly prices, providing a source of income for all of our Queenderas (distributors, resellers, and sub-resellers), and helping those in need, especially children and the elderly.

QUEEN WHITE is set apart from other brands because of its commitment to introducing skincare products that promise results at affordable price points, promoting livelihood opportunities for all of our Queenderas, and directing a portion of the sale of every product for the benefit of SOS Children’s Village Philippines.


QUEEN WHITE aims to develop, produce and market products that are EFFECTIVE but INEXPENSIVE.
QUEEN WHITE aims to bring out the BEAUTY and the BEST out of every QUEEN WHITE user. In
enhancing our users’ physical appearance with our products, we hope to help foster their self-confidence,
self-worth and self-love.
QUEEN WHITE aims to empower our Queenderas (distributors, resellers and sub-resellers) worldwide to
earn more money and to achieve financial growth and independence.
QUEEN WHITE aims to guarantee that a portion of the sale of every product will directly benefit SOS
Children’s Village Philippines.


To bring out the Queen in everyone. For all QUEEN WHITE users, Queenderas (distributors, resellers,
and sub-resellers) worldwide to have a beautiful face, beautiful body, and a beautiful life.


The Queen behind Queen White
In March 2018, QUEEN WHITE Owner and CEO Ms. Sarah Vidi Payno Mercado changed her life and the lives of future QUEEN WHITE users and Queenderas (distributors, resellers, and sub-resellers) when she founded QUEEN WHITE.

But before Ms. Sarah was able to establish QUEEN WHITE, a proudly Filipino-owned brand with a line of world-class quality products, she had to overcome many challenges in her life.

From Footwear to Skincare
Born on October 23, 1991 to parents Solomon and Rosalina Payno, Ms. Sarah Vidi Payno Mercado once had a good childhood.

Since her parents owned and operated a footwear shop in Biñan, Laguna that supplied slippers, sandals, and shoes to known companies, she and her family were able to live in a spacious three-storey house and led a comfortable life.

However, due to a series of unfortunate events, her parents’ footwear shop eventually went bankrupt and their family lost their business, their home, and the life that they once knew.

Facing this hardship at an early age motivated Ms. Sarah to help her parents and her family to not only recover everything that they lost, but to have more than what they once had.

Selling Kape, Mani and Hopia
Since her parents had their own business, it might have influenced Ms. Sarah to have an entrepreneurial mindset even at a young age. Apart from selling candies to her friends, she would also crochet bracelets with beads so that she could make more money.

As she grew older, her drive to succeed only grew stronger. Although she was already earning a monthly salary as an office staff at a garment factory, she wanted to earn even more. With this in mind, she and her then-boyfriend (now husband) Christian would sell coffee, mani and hopia to their workmates on the production floor to augment their meager income.

Her experience in having another source of income – no matter how small – while being a full-time employee would someday inspire her to encourage Queenderas to make more than their monthly salary by selling QUEEN WHITE products to family, friends, neighbors, and more.

Struggle before Success
From being a department store clerk and an office staff at a garment factory, Ms. Sarah eventually became a store manager for a leading convenience store chain. In spite of the comfort of working for an established brand with a stable monthly paycheck, Ms. Sarah longed to do more with her life. With a dream in her heart and a plan on her mind, Ms. Sarah saved a small amount of money every pay day and used the fund to start her own business: QUEEN WHITE. However, Ms. Sarah still had to deal with her share of heartaches and heartbreaks, especially at the beginning of her QUEEN WHITE journey. Since the brand was not known yet, she did not have a lot of customers. There were days, weeks, and even a month when she could not sell a single product to a single customer. There was even a month that she had zero sales. But, instead of giving up, Ms. Sarah only worked harder. She decided to give samples of her products away so that she could receive honest feedback. She then posted the reviews and before-and-after pictures on her Facebook page and Instagram account to prove that QUEEN WHITE products are effective and to attract more Queenderas nationwide to help her reach more potential clients.
Her effort eventually paid off as QUEEN WHITE became more widely known and truly loved by QUEEN WHITE users and Queenderas. Today, QUEEN WHITE is available NATIONWIDE in the Philippines and in selected areas in the USA, Canada, Dubai, Qatar, Maldives, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, and more.